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We also chat wisdom from a 90 year old, Crayola color name ideas via twitter, hot goss and the worst news from North Georgia. And remember: Today is a great day for a great day!xoxo instagram: toftheotp facebook: housewives of the OTP *Hit us up!

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There is no question about the fact that living a married life brings its own complications and issues, especially when there is so much at stake in terms of future stability. We have all the hot tips on what to watch to make your summer extra special. Miss Mere busted her ACL and I've been benge watching TV.We chat Southern Charm and NY ( Kat and TRav really? ) Chat hot goss and all the worst from the best North Georgia!Hit us up on instagram: toftheotp xoxo Ya'll T and Miss Mere are back together... We have so much to discuss this week to make up for some weeks away! Jimmy and I are back to chat up all the fun happenings in our neck of the woods.Face Sitting and Smother, Ass Worship and Licking, Forced Cunnilingus and even..


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