Dating because your bored

A few months back I got a text and it said “hey whats up Leslie”, I felt bad because I didn’t know who it was, and the person clearly knew who I was and I didn’t have the number saved.

So I simply said “oh hey i’m sorry who is this”, the person automatically was like oh forget it etc.

Got any hobbies and interests outside of work and your sweetie?

Don’t blame your boyfriend if you find it boring to come home straight after work every day!

Cause I am not the one you hit up when you are lonely or bored and I will call you out on it.

I am going to talk about two instances that happened in which I was completely puzzled.

But if that’s the case, call me, don’t text me and also if you didn’t treat me good before what makes you think I will just be so ready to jump when you say so. I am not the random booty call and I am not someone who is here to entertain you when you are bored.

If one is willing to really explore and own the deeper truth underneath the feelings of boredom, one can usually reconnect to a sense of aliveness again and the relationship can take on new life and possibilities. Complaining to friends or your partner about the same things is likely making you a bore and even more bored.

However, if you place all the responsibility on your partner for the static state of things, nothing will change. Make a short list of the top things that you need to be different in order for this relationship to feel healthy again.

What was once a spontaneous expedition falling in love has turned routine. Here are 3 warning signs that your relationship is getting a little too routine, and some suggestions how to spark a little excitement back into your love. There is ALWAYS something to do; all it takes is a little creativity and effort.

via GIPHY This is one of the biggest excuses we fall back on in our relationships. One Solution: Although it is one of the biggest excuses we make, it is also one of the easiest things to fix.


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