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Augsburg specialized in the coordination and production of extensive, intricate silver table services and toilet sets involving highly specialized craftsmen.

This refined ensemble belonged to the imperial counts Schenk von Stauffenberg at Schloss Jettingen in Swabia.

A new exhibition at the site aims to dispel such myths -- and reflects Germany's new approach towards explaining its darkest places.

Young German Kevins are a few decades behind the U. Sucks to be you.โ€ According to a study of interactions on the German dating site e Darling, online daters donโ€™t even bother to click on the profiles of users with names that seem foreign and gauche to German ears, like Kevin.popularized a study on the causes and consequences of black- versus white-sounding names, whose key conclusion is that parents who name their kid Jake are quite different from the parents who name their kid De Shawn.Yes, Jake will probably be more successful, but he is also likely to have had wealthier parents and grown up behind a white picket fence.The place has exuded a dark fascination for the last six decades. They have devised a major new permanent exhibition, due to open on April 15, to explode the myths attached to Wewelsburg and to explore the history of one of the most powerful and dreadful organizations of the Nazi regime.Satanists lured by the pagan symbolism have broken into the crypt to celebrate black masses, and far-right sympathizers still make pilgrimages to Wewelsburg, where they mix in with ordinary visitors and marvel at what Himmler wanted to turn into a "Reich House of SS Generals." Standing in the center of the crypt, the echo of one's voice is amplified so forcefully that it seems disturbingly alien as it reverberates around the domed chamber. Boom in Nazi Research Shamed by the Holocaust, Germany struggled for decades to find appropriate ways of dealing with its Nazi sites.Wewelsburg Castle, once a pseudo-religious sanctum for Hitler's SS, has been shrouded in mystery since 1945.


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