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, something “that tapped into this 20-something female plight of wanting to be strong, independent-thinking and intelligent, and still looking for love.” They found it in Cabot, who was an intern at their production company.“She knows in her gut that she knows better,” Bucatinsky says.Amanda reminisces about Brad — who is at the center of the worst Valentine’s Day she’s ever had.Shitty Boyfriends, a Refinery29 Original Series follows Amanda through her ups and downs in the data scene.One of the most amazing things to come out of this year is the addition of Penny, who is played by Samantha Sloyan, and who was the doctor who made the fatal mistake to not get a CT on Derek Shepherd.That part of episode five, the dinner party, where it's revealed that Penny is [in Seattle], was one of the most compelling episodes of this season.after Ben woke up with a simple dream about Melissa taking a road trip with her grandmother.

Season 12 of saw Meredith slowly warming up to the idea of a new man in her life.

That's what Shonda does best, is give us these big twists and turns.

And even though the fans get upset at these big, dramatic changes, I cannot tell you how important big, dramatic changes are for the writers, who have to write 24 episodes of television [every season].

Most recently, Meredith has been dipping her toes into the dating and horizontal mambo world again, leading fans to wonder if her new boo will be the next Mc Dreamy.

Actress Ellen Pompeo recently responded to TV Line, saying: , both suitors have been medical professionals (because those are apparently the only residents of Seattle).


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