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That then became the opening premise between my main characters for Season One.

But given a choice and all else being equal, wouldn't most men over, say, 40, prefer dating women who are substantially younger? It's also a way to "meet men" without being in a place to "meet men" (like a bar). I am at the age where, for health reasons, I don't need a woman unless she is a nurse but when I was 40ish I lived several years with a woman who was 60ish and found nothing about her unattractive that was age related.The conversations Michelle and Gus were having felt, at times, fun and playful, but also difficult and multifaceted conversations that people have when they really need to have a talk with someone — meaning the stakes are always high for the characters which is always good for exciting drama!I still think there’s this taboo out there about older women and younger men falling in love and being able to make it work and in this story we really get to see them work through their issues dealing with that dynamic.As the age gaps widen, those percentages go down: Only about 8 percent of men were over 10 years older than their spouse, and only 2 percent of women were over 10 years older than their spouse, the Austin Institute writes.5 UNEXPECTED BENEFITS OF DATING A YOUNGER PARTNER Those numbers are relatively low, but they may be increasing: Debra Macleod, relationship coach and author of books including “Couples in Crisis: Overcoming Affairs & Opposite-Sex Friendships,” told Fox News that in her practice, she’s seen about a 20 percent increase in such relationships in just the past three years.I'm especially interested in getting the male point of view, but I'd welcome the female opinions, too.


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