Who is kim bum dating

Kim bum39s agency king kong entertainment told osen that the.Although his character did not win hers in the drama the two began dating in real life. It seems love is in the air on the set of jung yi goddess of fire as the agencies of costars kim bum and moon geunnbsp.King Kong Entertainment announced on March 24th,"Kim Bum has been casted as Cha Kun Woo in 'Hide Your Identity'. Kim Bum's role Cha Kun Woo is described as an extremely talented detective, who gets into the police academy as the top student but withdraws 2 years later to enlist in the Naval Special Warfare Bridgade(SEAL). The actor said through his agency,"It's been a while since I last met my domestic fans so I'm very happy and excited.I found Cha Kun Woo as a very charming and interesting character.Maybe someday she'll act with Jaerim~ dear "4 Leaf Clover" kim so eun didn't attend MBC Drama Awards coz she has live radio at the same time ( the radio it's more important since she's the dj as you knew ).i can meet you you my favorite actress in south korea without you, maybe i don't know about korea.Actress moon geun young age 26 and kim bum age 24 are dating on november 1 moon geun young39s agency namoo actorsnbsp. For one month and moon geun young39s agency has officially confirmed that it39s true.

To that, Eun-Ji jokingly referred him as her boyfriend.When the dating rumors broke out and although their agencies did notnbsp. Actors moon geunyoung and kim bum who recently wrapped up.The agencies for the two actors said friday that they have been dating fornbsp.Beach photos of Kim showing off her backside unairbrushed and covered in cellulite went viral last week.It also resulted in the social media queen losing over 100,000 followers on the photo sharing app, with fans accusing her of duping them over the years by using Photoshop to create a flawless appearance.Both the actors agency released statements admitting that they are indeed dating.


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